Unforgettable Moments from Kims Hospital

Art of Sheila Dikshit

This is Unforgettable moments of my Life I am giving Color pencil Drawings of Sheila Dkshit to her Own hand . She is an Indian politician who was the Chief Minister of Delhi from 1998 to 2013. She is a member of the Indian National Congress. Dikshit led the Congress to three consecutive electoral victories in Delhi. she was sworn in as Governor of Kerala on 11 March 2014. However, she resigned on 25 August 2014
Special Thanks : Kims Hospital Management, Kims Doctors , Kims Marketing..
Used Pencils are :  Faber Castell  ,  Size : A3  , Time Taken to Finish : 3 to 4 days

First Exhibition At KIMS

On 13th March, 2014 in WORLD KIDNEY DAY, I conducted an exhibition at KIMS Hospital under the auspicious of the Management of KIMS. It was my first successful exhibition. All of them and the outsiders liked and congrats me.

Idea For Conducting an Exhibition

When I completed my potraits from the KIMS, I desire to do an exhibition at there. For this purpose i communicated the idea with my Doctors Dr. SATISH, Dr. RENU THOMAS and Dr.PRAVEEN and the nurse staffs Smt. SARASWATHI, Smt. LEENA and Mr. BIJU. They suport me and said to draw the picture of The Chairman DR. M.A. SAHADULLAH and other doctors and said to meet the receptionist to connect the management. I meet Smt. Vidya and she directed me to contact Mr. Jagal, who is in the Marketing Department. I approached him and communicate the idea what I have and he inform it to the higher authorites. After the approval of the management of the hospital, he arranged the all things what are need for the exhibition.

Kims Hospital Doctors

Kims Hospital Chairman Sahudullah